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Here are our set of guidelines to help you in plan for the celebration of life of your loved one.

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GHRM approaches grief from a biblical perspective while allowing the member of the group to express their feeling in a way that is safe and nonjudgmental.  We are not a "wallow in sorrow" group, but our goal is to help you to function through the grief process until you are in a place of healing and wholeness.  


Dr. Cheryl is well aquatinted with the grief process.  "After overcoming several life altering events including the loss of both parents before I turned 21 and the recent losses of my sister and brother leaving me as the only living member of my immediate family, the Lord showed me how  these and other trials were not sent to destroy me, but to teach me how use that pain to help me to walk into His purpose for my life."  

The Let's Talk Pain counseling and group sessions  were designed by Dr. Jones- Ross and has effectively helped many men and women to find purpose in suffering and regain the power taken from them by the grief that they are unable to cope with.  

Let's Talk Pain Grief Support Group meets every Second Sunday in the at GHRM at 4:00 p.m.


 Registration preferred.   REGISTER HERE

*childcare is not available.

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