Worship Team Guidelines



The following qualifications are required of those who wish to participate in the worship team. Worship team members shall consist of musicians, vocalists and technicians who:

  1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  2. Have been obedient to Christ in baptism.

  3. Are committed in their relationship with the Lord.

  4. Have regularly attended the church for a period of at least four months.

  5. Have become members of GHRM. 

  6. Are faithful in their church involvement. Team members who consistently attend church only when they serve on the worship team will be removed from the team.

  7. Are committed to faithful attendance and involvement in required weekly rehearsals.

  8. Are committed to faithful attendance and involvement in weekly bible studies.  .

  9. Works well with others and willingly submits to the instruction and leadership of the Worship Pastor.

  10. Are able to blend their gifts as part of the unified team. Some people are gifted musicians and/or vocalists who for one reason or another (vocal range, musical style, tone, etc.) have difficulty blending well with others. Such individuals are encouraged to share their musical gifts in other ways with God’s people (i.e. special music, leading music for various groups within the church, etc.). Music proficiency does not automatically make someone a good candidate for the worship team.

  11. Have submitted the worship team application, completed an audition and been approved by the Senior Pastor and Worship Pastor.



The ministry of the worship team is not about showcasing one’s talents or drawing attention to one’s self. It is about leading others in worshiping the LORD. This is a high and holy calling. Participation in the worship team is a privilege granted to the faithful, not a right based upon human talent. As such, each team member must possess and continually cultivate a Christlike attitude of humility (Phil. 2:3-5). This essential attitude of humility will reflect itself in a spirit of:

  • Reverence towards God.

  • Respect and submission towards those who lead.

  • Respect, cooperation and support towards fellow team members.



Potential worship team participants will be required to undergo an auditioning process which may include a personal interview, a musical audition, and a probationary period on the worship team during which we will determine if your skills and attitude fit well with the rest of the team. Even though you may attend several rehearsals this is not a guarantee that you will immediately sing with the team during the worship services. The purpose of this process is to determine an individual’s musical proficiency, spiritual maturity, and personal compatibility with our approach to worship. At the end of this process, an invitation may (or may not) be extended to become a permanent part of the worship team.

Rehearsal Attendance

Worship team members will be expected to be punctual and faithful in their attendance to all weekly rehearsals and worship services. If you need to be absent, you must give the worship team leader sufficient notice so that any necessary adjustments can be made and/or substitute can be found.



Team members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with songs that are new to them. Occasionally, members will be emailed specific recordings of new songs.  Otherwise, most worship/praise songs can be found at Youtube.com.  Please be prepared for rehearsal by listening to the music and practicing it at home unless new original music is being presented at rehearsal. 

Spiritual Growth

All worship team members and techs are expected to worship with the congregation on Sundays (even when they are not serving on that day) and to be involved in a spiritual growth group of some kind (Sunday Bible class, weekly Bible study, small group, etc.). If you are not committed to growth you can not be a part of the worship team.