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Raze Dance - project description

Many are talented and yet few have an opportunity to express their talents.  RAZE YOUTH DANCE PROGAM is designed to offer opportunities of expression to at-risk youth by providing access to free high-quality dance training, in after-school and weekend programs. Our mission is to tear down social, physical and emotional barriers, spark purpose and transform lives to the power of dance. 


Since 2014 we have realized our goals through Raze Youth Dance and served hundreds of youth at centers and sites throughout the communities that we serve in the Pittsburgh Area.  Raze Youth Dance is a nonprofit dance program created by Greater Hope Restoration Ministries with the mission to transforms lives through dance.  We offer mime, modern, liturgical, hip-hop and ballet classes to at-risk youth ages 5-18, teens being released from the juvenile system, children struggling with behavior problems or any child that wants to dance but can not afford the opportunity.   


Raze Dance will teach our students to 


Team Build

Solve Conflicts

Partner to accomplish team goals

Improve academic achievement

Improve Cognition 

Respect self, others, and those in authority

Embrace diversity and inclusion



In the RAZE Dance Program, students learn multiple genres of dance including hip-hop, step, mime, liturgical, modern dance, and ballet.  Classes will incorporate the history, vocabulary, technique, and cultural context behind each form of dance.  


Every student will get to choreograph dances to share with their class.  This gives our students practice in problem solving, and builds academic as well as artistic skills. Our supportive environment  helps our students to discover the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and positive group interactions through group and partner work.  


Students in RAZE Dance Program have the opportunity to perform at Greater Hope Restoration Ministries and community events showcasing the knowledge gained during the classes for their peers, teachers, family, and the greater community!


Key Features of RAZE Youth Dance Program:

  • Highlights life skills such as the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and positive group interactions through dance partnering within a nurturing environment that balances rigor, discipline and fun

  • Creates learning opportunities by teaching the history, cultural context and technique behind a variety of dance genres

  • Documents learning through student-created video journals

  • Encourages critical thinking through self-assessment and peer feedback

  • Includes final student performance showcasing the knowledge gained during the program


All students will participate in each genre of dance in rotation.  Each genre is generally a 6 (six0 week class taught by professional volunteers and our instructors.  Classes continue to rotate with new dance routines added with each rotation.   


We not only conduct classes at Greater Hope Restoration Ministries,\ we also partner with other non-profit organizations that assist us with providing instructors and space in their facilities located in our community in order to provide dance classes that are in convenient locations for student and their families.


All classes are free to students.  Raze Youth Dance will all provide dance wear for community performances.  

Students must have a registration/permission slip signed and returned to in order to participate.

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