GHRM Culinary Guidelines 

Guidelines for Church Events


General Responsibilities: 

The Culinary Committee will obtain all supplies for the functions/cleaning of the kitchen.  An inventory will be kept of all supplies and kitchen equipment.  Dee Brown, Culinary Director will purchase or designate someone to purchase all supplies for the kitchen.  Anyone needing supplies for any function should contact her.


  1.  The Culinary Committee Team Leader will check the kitchen after each function to be sure it is ready for the next function, and if necessary, discuss issues with the leader of the group who used the kitchen last.

  2.  Any group, (Youth, Women, Men, etc.) will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen upon completion of their project.  Table-cloths will be bagged and given to Culinary Director for washing.  Non-members or outside groups may not use GHRM table covering. 

  3. Persons wishing to use the Kitchen should contact the Church Administrator to reserve the date. 

  4. The Kitchen Committee will evaluate ways of making the kitchen more efficient.

  5. The Kitchen Committee will be available to any group that uses the kitchen to assist in any way possible. Contact the Culinary Director for any assistance


All Church Functions 


GHRM Men  – tables, chairs any sound systems that may be needed

Culinary Ministry– responsible for placing silverware, napkins  on tables, setting up drink table near ice, preparing the buffet and desert tables. 

Culinary Ministry – Placement on Food on table for buffet service and preparing plates 

Youth    – Serving Drinks and desserts and providing care if needed in the nursery.   Additionally, they will monitor the Fellowship Hall and assist with taking up the dirty utensils and dirty plates.  (If Youth are not available, then those cleaning up the kitchen will assume this role)

Clean-up: Clean up after each church function is the responsibility of the group using the kitchen for their function. This includes the laundry of table clothes, etc. It is not the responsibility of the Kitchen Committee although they may assist if needed and called upon. 


Use of the Church Kitchen and Fellowship Hall


I.  Those persons or groups who will be authorized to use the buildings:

A.  All church groups

B.  Members of the church for weddings, receptions, baby or wedding showers, birthdays, graduations and recitals at no charge.

C.  Non-members for the same use as above under the following conditions:

     1.  A service charge of $300.00 (non-funeral, non-wedding usage).

     2.  A maintenance deposit of $100.00 to be returned at the end of the event if facilities 

are clean and undamaged upon inspection.

D.  Student Ministries will be allowed to use a room provided they have adult supervision at all times, 

and their meetings do not conflict with other church events.

E.  The pastor and the board have the right to refuse use of facilities to any group.

F.  All requests will be scheduled through the church office. 

G.  All children and youth groups must have adult supervision before entering the building.

An adult should remain until all children have left.

H.  Rules and instructions for use of the kitchen are posted in the kitchen. 

J.  Equipment such as tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, kitchen equipment, etc…

shall not be loaned out.

K.  No candle use is permitted.

L.  SMOKING AND THE USE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS are strictly forbidden in the GHRM Hall and on the grounds.

M.  Trash receptacles must be emptied and trash must be taken out to the dumpsters at the end of each event. 

M.  Turn off all lights.

N.  Check restrooms for cleanliness and to see that no water is left running or lights on.


* Decoration for weddings may begin no more than two days prior to the event.

* All levels of the facility and rooms used or disturbed are to be restored to their original appearance by 9:00 p.m. the day of the wedding unless prior negotiation is made with the board at least one week prior to use.

* All equipment, tables, chairs, etc. shall be put back to original position unless the Culinary Director directs otherwise.

* No weddings will be scheduled during Worship Services or Group Meetings or any other Church or Conference event lasting multiple days and/or involving significant building use.

* In the case of an active member reserving the facility for a child or parent that has had no regular association with GHRM the event will be considered a member's event.