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Many are struggling to feed their families and find ways to make food stretch from paycheck to paycheck. Many working families are having to choose whether to pay a utility bill or feed their family. 


Our Fruit of the Spirit Food Distribution Service is here to help needy families close the gap from check to check.



Food is available to any individual or family who is in need.

  • We ask that you come to Greater Hope Restoration Ministries on Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. or Monday at 9:30 am to receive your food free of charge.

  • You will receive enough food for about one week.

  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and pastries are usually available, as well as some canned, dried and frozen foods. 

  • You may return each week if you still have a need for food.

  • Food comes from our food distribution partners, therefore food will be received at the liability of the taker.

  • You do not need to receive government assistance to be eligible for our food distribution services.

  • Priority will be given to GHRM Members, volunteers, as well as families whose children are participants in our youth programs. 

  • However, If you show up to receive our distribution services, you will be served first, even if you have no affiliation with GHRM.

Since 2016 GHRM has given away close to $1,000,000 in Food products including Turkeys for the Holidays, meals for our Student Ministries Programs and providing food for one of our partnering organizations. Every box of fresh food made and delivered by our staff is a step closer to ending hunger in our communities.    


Eligibility (for special food programs)

To receive groceries:

  • Photo ID.

  • Proof of your address, current within 30 days—this can be your most recent utility bill, mortgage statement, bank statement, etc.

  • Completed Fruit of the Spirit Application.

  • Emergencies cases.  Emergencies may range from no food in the house, no money for food or other tragedies such as house fire, unemployment, etc..  Emergencies cases will be given priority.

Call us at 844-905-2111 for more information. 




We not only provide food for needy families, but our Gift of Warmth Blanket Drive has allowed us to give meals, blankets, hats and gloves to the homeless during the winter months. 

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