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Facilitating Leaders Who Yield (F.L.Y) is a leadership training and equipping program for those who have been identified to have leadership qualities and those who are currently on our Leadership team and staff.   


In order to establish accountability, commitment, integrity, uniformity and usability within our leadership team and ministry as a whole this ongoing course gives insight into the expectations of our leadership based on the word of God. 


We understand that leaders are trained and developed through a process of education and experience.  An experienced leader  who begins his duties without being properly educated is a leader who is on the path to failure.  However. we are never too educated to learn.  Because knowledge is expanding on a daily basis, we must continually obtain knowledge in order to stay relevant.  


F.L.Y. has been designed to equip our current and future leaders with the knowledge needed to be as successful as Joshua was in the bible once He followed the instructions of the Lord for walking into his next assignment.

Materials used in our training courses have been personally selected by Pastor Cheryl and have been determined to be materials that will yield the best results based on the goals, the vision and the needs of our new and emerging leaders.  We have pulled from some of the best resources that we could find including the bible itself along with many, authors, leadership training manuals used by other ministries, study materials from Shiloh Bible Institute in Washington, Pa.  (Pastor Edward Popovich),  Be There, "Training Guide for New Church Plants" by Pastor Cheryl Jones-Ross,  "Riding the Second Chariot", by Kenneth Copeland and so much more.


Course attendees will be required to:


  1. Attend all classes

  2. Complete required assignments

  3. Purchase certain books that are required reading materials (even though the basic material will be provided, certain books will have to be purchased)

  4. Read the required books that have been assigned

  5. Come prepared

  6. Participate (don't just show up, be an active participant in your future!


F.L.Y. Courses will be held on the Fourth Sunday of each month at 4:00 p.m at GHRM.

Registration for March 2019 has already begun. Click Here to sign up for F.L.Y. Leadership Training. 


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