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Black Christian Gospel Singers in Church Clapping and Stomping, Praising Lord Jesus Christ

GHRM's music ministry team is designed to worship the Lord and lead people into the presence of God in a way that prepares their hearts for the receiving the word of God.  We believe that worship is a key that unlocks the door of your heart and makes it accessible for the seed of the word to be planted in good soil.  Worship isn't about listening to a good singer who makes you feel good, but it is about giving your all to the Lord in a way that makes you vulnerable in His presence.  

The purpose of the worship team is to help you to get there and not to take you there in your resistance to go.  

Our worship pastor, Pastor Tyonna Singleton has led GHRM to higher places in worship than what we ever thought possible.   


As we continue to expand our worship and increase in growth in membership we are open to God sent, skilled musicians, vocalist, audio and media people, lighting techs and praise dancers to come and be a part of the worship team.   However....

We value… 

Faithfulness over talent 

Relationship over performance 

Willingness over excellence

Commitment over "needing" you 

Anointing over vocal acrobats 

Congregational worship over the spotlight

     A heart to worship over wanting to be seen.

If you are still interested in becoming a part of the worship team:


You must attend GHRM for at least 4 consecutive months after becoming a member by attending our New Members Class.


Faithfulness is a must. If you can not be faithful in the pews regularly and give other than you talents, you will not be faithful on a praise team.  If your Sunday attendance is "sketchy" so will your participation be on the worship team. 


If you have met these requirements and the requirements of being a disciple of Christ, the next step is to fill out the Worship Team Interest Form below.   

The final step before a decision is made is to meet with our worship pastor to discuss your worship team interest form.  

You will also be asked to review the worship ministry guidelines with the worship pastor. 

Click HERE to read our guidelines. 

 There is no guaranteed that you will become a part of the team unless the Holy Spirit says so. 

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