What is the Power-Up Mentorship Program?


This Mentorship Program pairs Mentees with a Mentor who is more experienced in living a Godly life.


Mentors advise and serve as examples as they assist their Mentee in advancing in his goals. Mentors acts as a guide and trusted advisor while imparting skill and knowledge. The source of the word mentor means a trusted friend or teacher, usually a more experienced person.


Mentorship is not about solving complex life challenges like substance abuse, divorce or addiction.


Mentorship is not counselling.


Mentorship is about serving as an example and showing the love of Jesus Christ.  

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Who would I Mentor?


Mentees are typically earlier in life between 18 and 35 although some may be more mature but have just recently come to Christ or rededicated their lives.


Many Mentees many never have been in church before or may have just gotten married or become fathers for the first time.


These men and young men may be eager to have a positive role model to assist in guiding them in their spiritual growth.



How much time would be required?


This is really up to you and the Mentee however we recommend at least once per month up to a maximum once per week.


The typical Mentor and Mentee meet every other week for about an hour



How long would I have to commit?


We suggest that it’s for a minimum of three months however most individuals choose a one year period. In many cases a mutually supportive relationship is formed that outlasts the formal mentorship aspect.

Do I need to have any previous Mentorship experience?


No. The prerequisites are membership at GHRM, a personal relationship with Christ, the willingness and desire to assist other men grow in their faith.


Would I have any resources to support me?


The GHRM Leadership will be able to provide resources and support whenever required.


How would I be matched with a Mentee?


The Mentorship Coordinator speaks with each Mentor one on one along with each Mentee and provides the “match” based on the Mentee’s needs and the Mentors experiences, motivations, location, time availability and even general interests.


What if I begin working with a Mentee and it wasn’t working?


The Mentorship Coordinator will circle back with you and the Mentee to check in from time to time to see how things are progressing and if at any time you’re uncomfortable the Mentorship Coordinator works as an unbiased resources to either end the engagement or work to assist in solving any outstanding issue.


Where would I meet with a Mentee?


Meeting usually take place in a neutral setting such as a restaurant, coffee shop or even at the Church. This is entirely up to the Mentee and Mentor but the Mentorship Coordinator can provide suggestion or assistance to set the initial meeting.