Hair Salon

GHRM is so excited to be able to provide "TRIMS" for school aged students on Sunday Mornings at the lower level of our church.


We understand that getting a free haircut one time a year for back to school is wonderful, but often parents fall short during the school year with the funds needed to keep their children's hair well groomed throughout the year. 

This can often affect a child's self-esteem as classmates taunt and bully one another because of a simple thing such as a bad hair cut or failure to get an "edge-up". 

Therefore our in house licensed cosmologists, have offered to provide this service "free of charge" to families who can not afford to add a hair cut for their son or daughter to their budget.   

Kids will have the opportunity to come once a month for a "dry" trim or shape-up from 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. on Sunday's at GHRM.  

Because of the limited amount of time we are asking that families make an appointment to bring their child in.  This service is primary offered to low-income families who receive the Pa. Access Card but we will do our best to accommodate any family with this particular need. 

In order to launch this ministry, we have begun a campaign to offer our first free haircut!   Please click on the image below for more details!