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GHRM understands that many couples are losing hope in the survival of their marriages due to breakdown in communications, poor quality time, the loss of a christ centered focus, and outside influences.  We at GHRM want to restore hope and help to rekindle the flame that will help to maintain a healthy marriage ministry.


"1" Marriage Ministry was designed to help you and your spouse (or future spouse) to gain a better understanding of each other and begin to apply God's foundational marriage principles to your marriage.


Here are some of the classes and events that we offer:  


"1" Night:  Gives an opportunity for couples to celebrate their marriage with a fun date night. Every "1" Night will be an anticipated evening filled with music, food, and entertainment.  This evening will be designed to help put the spark back into your marriage and strengthen an already solid marriage. "1" Night occurs quarterly with the months being January, May, August and December. 


"1" Foundation (Premarital Class): This is an 8-week class for couples who are engaged to marry. The class is offered twice a year (spring and fall). The class is free however, pre-registration is required.  See "1" Ministry Coordinator for registration forms. 


Make Them "1":  A good marriage doesn't just happen, it takes investment of time, energy and love. If you and your spouse want to grow and strengthen your marriage, Make Them "1" is the place for you. This evening session will be a time of support, teaching as and prayer.  We will also incorporate fun events for every married couple to enjoy.  


Those needing help with baby sitting services must make their requests known 1 week prior to each session.