The men’s small group meets together for the purpose of overcoming and defeating the issues that keep men from reaching their potential in God.  It is the little fox that spoils the vine and issues that may seem insignifigant to a man such as pornography, sexual imagination, and other struggles that always lead to greater problems including adultery, fornication or divorce. These things keep us out of the kingdom of God and causes our growth to be stunted.


Power-Up small groups men meet with their group leader for a face to face open and honest discussion about men’s issues.


These meetings are designed to promote personal growth with God, with each other and with ones self.


Meeting times and dates are geared towards the convenience of our men. Small Groups meet at different times and locations with activities ranging from fellowship and fun to studying and lively discussions of the Word that is being preached in our services.


Groups are available for those who need support in specific areas, those with special interests, specific preferences in age groups and even house parties for the young men.