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GHRM understands that situations can quickly arise to cause a family or single parent to find themselves in an emergency situation in which they need a roof over their heads.  We believe in the important of giving people dignity, safety and in keeping families together and our youth safe during these times of crisis in their lives.  


We may not know the background of a family that is brought to our door, but it is our hope that we will make each person feel safe and secure as we help them to find the support and hope that they need to get back on their feet. Our goal is to encourage families and empower them to achieve self-sufficiency.

While at the shelter, our staff will work with our partnering resources to help our residents locate support services, through referrals to community organizations and partners.

HopeHouse will provide:

  • 30-day emergency shelter

  • Assistance in finding and securing permanent housing

  • Basic needs, such as clothing, food and baby supplies

  • Referrals to other agencies to address the issues such as employment, life skills, mental and physical health, housing and child care, and children and youth services

  • Intensive case management services to help clients confront the challenges that lead to homelessness

  • In school and After School Programming for Students

  • Re-Entry services for post-incarcerated juveniles

  • Drug and Alcohol programs for addictive behaviors

We are in the process of locating a building suitable within the community in which we have served for the past 7 years in which we can effectively operate all of our many outreach programs in one location.  

You may click on the button for our brochure and contact us at info@ghrm-online.com for information on how you can help us to move forward in opening HOPEHOUSE soon. 

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